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February 7, 2013

wild britain with ray mears s02.

In this second series, Ray ventures further afield as he explores the wild landscapes of Great Britain – ancient pine forests, deep bogs and remote mountains. From the dramatic Cairngorms in the Scottish Highlands and the underwater world of a sea loch in the Outer Hebrides, to the steep sea cliffs on an island off the coast of Wales, Ray unlocks the vital links between the plant, animal and insect worlds and the role of man in the evolution of our ever changing landscape. Sharing his knowledge of field craft and his passion for our native wildlife, Ray shows us the hidden natural world that lives just beyond our doorstep.


Episode 1
Caledonian Pine Forest New series. The survival expert sets out again to explore some of Britain's finest habitats and most spectacular wildlife, beginning in Scotland's Caledonian pine forests, home to rare species including the capercaillie. Ray camps out in the hope of catching the turkey-sized grouse's courtship display, and also goes in search of the red squirrel

Episode 2
Skomer Island, Wales The survival expert explores Skomer Island, a seabird haven off the Pembrokeshire coast, and watches members of its puffin population returning from the sea with sand eels to feed their young. He also has a close encounter with the Skomer vole, which is not found anywhere else

Episode 3
Chalk Downlands The survival expert explores the South Downs, starting from Beachy Head, and examines some of the 39 species of butterfly recorded as using its chalk downlands as a habitat, including the Adonis blue. He also visits the supposedly haunted yew woodland at Kingley Vale nature reserve in West Sussex and comes across peregrine falcons and badgers

Episode 4
Lowland River, Norfolk The survival expert heads to Norfolk to explore the county's lowland rivers, which are a haven for wild plants and creatures including kingfishers and crayfish. Ray also goes in search of water voles, whose population is in sharp decline

Episode 5
Sea Loch, North Uist, Scotland The survival expert visits North Uist in the Outer Hebrides, where he goes scuba-diving to explore the underwater world of Loch nam Madadh, the largest saltwater feature of its kind on the island. Ray also admires the wildlife populating its shores, including diving and wading birds, sea eagles, red deer, otters and common seals

Episode 6
Ancient Forest - New Forest, Hampshire The survival expert visits the New Forest in Hampshire, an area of ancient woodlands and heaths originally set aside for hunting by William the Conqueror. Ray explores its wildlife, including fallow deer and ponies, and has a night-time encounter on a heath with the elusive nightjar

Episode 7
The Flow Country: Caithness and Sutherland, Scotland The survival expert visits north-east Scotland to explore the Flow Country, one of the UK's most dramatic landscapes. With its 1,500 square miles of peat bog, the land has been largely untouched by human hand since the Ice Age, and Ray comes across rare plants and birds including the black-throated diver and the hen harrier

Episode 8
Broadland: East Anglia The survival expert explores the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, a protected low-lying wetland of fens and reed beds that is home to one of the UK's largest arachnids, the fen raft spider. Ray also comes across other rare wildlife, including the common crane, the swallowtail butterfly and the Chinese water deer

Episode 9
Mountain and Moorland - Cairngorms, Scotland The survival expert explores the Scottish Highlands' peaks and heather moorlands, where a mix of mammals and birds have adapted to an ecology that is unique in Britain. He waits until dawn to witness the black grouse's secretive courtship display, encounters a herd of reindeer and scales the Cairngorms to spot a mountain hare

Episode 10
The Best of Wild Britain The survival expert revisits personal highlights from the programme, including an encounter with wild boar in Gloucestershire's Forest of Dean and exploring the grass chalklands of the South Downs. He also recalls sighting the rare fen raft spider in the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads and spotting short-eared owls hunting for voles in the Peak District


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